Everything in Your Body is Connected.

When something feels off, you and your doctor need to look at your complete health history to understand where your symptoms stem from. But how can you do that when the average person sees their doctor for 15 minutes at a time?

At OC Sports and Wellness, your doctors use longer-than-average appointments, advanced specialty tests, and insightful questions about your health history, genetics, and lifestyle to see the whole of you. Instead of just looking at one part of you in isolation, they zoom way out — because people are more complicated than their symptoms.

We utilize advanced testing early on to give us answers surrounding your symptoms to get to plans, solutions, and remedies quicker. But we don’t leave you to navigate the rest on your own; we stay with you each step of the way — advising, supporting, and guiding — giving you the resources to continuously optimize your health. We partner with you to achieve your health, wellness, and fitness goals — and stick to them.

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We strive to practice medicine that is inspired and innovative with compassion and consistency.


We work tirelessly to provide a high level of extraordinary, genuine care and instill confidence and trust in our patients as we collaborate to optimize their health. We try to lead by example and create inspiration by practicing what we preach.


We constantly stay on top of the best technology to offer the latest programs and services. Our patients should never feel they are receiving outdated care, and that is why we communicate the innovations we incorporate. Innovative care delivers more value and higher satisfaction to our patients.


We maintain a high level of professionalism and focus on delivering a repeatable, reliable experience for our patients. Our dedication to providing medical services with genuine care is an integral part of our practice.


We love what we do, and we hope it shows how we provide expert care for our patients. We enjoy getting to know each patient, meeting their needs, and exceeding expectations. We care about fostering long-term relationships.

Boost your body's ability to heal and strengthen

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