OC Sports and Wellness have embraced a membership program, otherwise known as Direct Primary Care (DPC). It might be new to you (read: SCARY) but it’s an innovative way for patients to receive healthcare. The best care. If you will take the time to explore it and get your questions answered, you’ll wonder why on earth you hadn’t jumped on this new bandwagon a heck of a lot sooner. The same way you might have felt about Bluetooth, Apple Play, or those new fabulous features in your car that first weirded you out, but that now you know you can never live without.

Rather than patients communicating with insurance companies, paying co-pays, and submitting claims, this is a new-ish model to be utilized – and enjoyed! We say new-ish, as it’s been around for over five years, but amazingly, so many people are still tied up in insurance systems that offer less help and health care but cost insurmountably more.

Dr. Sunshine’s membership program involves patients paying a teeny retainer and on a monthly basis, a fee for membership. That retainer guarantees service whenever it is needed and eliminates the need for an insurance company to be involved.

There is a range of benefits associated with a DPC membership with Dr. Sunshine’s OC Sports & Wellness office.

Here are just a few!

It can reduce stress

Let’s face it: millions of Americans are stressed about healthcare in this country. From rising prices, decreased ease of access, and an abundance of questions around the topic, it’s not hard to see why it’s a source of stress.

Becoming a member of a DPC practice reduces stress as it eliminates the need for individuals to stress about their coverage and their bills. Rely on your DCP doctor, Dr. Sunshine, for quality and prompt care, and don’t be surprised with a bill at the end since your retainer covers it all.

It helps save money

Enrolling in DPC can help patients to save money – and lots of it!

The first way this happens is due to the fact that the monthly retainer paid covers appointments and services rendered. Your membership covers up to 15 office visits per year. There is no copay. The only time you will have to pay a fee is if you exceed 15 office visits per year. Patients receive enhanced services beyond what traditional fee-for-service medicine offers. These may include real-time technology access to their personal physician, extended visits, and highly personalized, coordinated, and comprehensive care administration, with no additional visit charges or insurance company involvement or influence. Essentially, it cuts out the middleman.

More face time with doctors

In a traditional primary care practice, it’s difficult to get an appointment. Then, even when you do get one, you typically end up feeling like you haven’t gotten any quality time with your doctor. That can be frustrating, and DPC eliminates these frustrations.

This is because when insurance companies are taken out of the equation, doctors are freed up to spend more time with their patients rather than filling out an abundance of paperwork. With DPC, you can get same-day doctor’s appointments and actually spend time with your doctor to get to the bottom of your questions and health problems.

All in all – what are the benefits of a membership with Dr. Sunshine and OC Sports & Wellness? Put simply: Improved access to a doctor that cares about you. Being a member of our practice is like having a doctor in the family. Your doctor will always be in your corner, working to keep you as healthy as possible. It’s an amazing feeling. Let’s get started. 949-460-9111


Enhanced Patient Experience.        Lower Costs.        Better Health Outcomes.

If we can be of service in any way, or if you’d like to ask us questions on our Direct Primary Care and memberships, please reach out! At OC Sports and Wellness you can actually text or video-chat your doctor, as well as schedule a visit. Let’s talk! 949-460-9111