At OC Sports & Wellness, we have years of experience treating a variety of hidden issues that can be holding you back from achieving your optimal fitness level and feeling your best. In the case of our patients who are also athletes, we know they are often their strongest motivator – and toughest critic – so we are committed to appropriately offering our expertise and advice as a teammate in your quest to restore your performance to the levels you strive for.

If personal fitness, athletics, and having a high level of energy are priorities in your life, a “dip” in any of these areas or a slow yet steady decline, can affect your quality of life and leave you feeling down. Despite doing all the right things, eating and exercise that used to have you feeling great and in excellent shape don’t seem to work as well.

If you feel something is “off,” it’s typically a symptom of an imbalance that needs to be addressed through our specialized diagnostic plan and healing protocol to get you back on track. We see these ebbs and flows in performance that happen to many of our clients. They are often caused by a sudden change to your body, such as an injury, issues with immunity, gut health, or hormones, or a needed adjustment to your diet.

We provide an array of fitness and performance services to treat the whole patient, based on their unique needs, including: