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Get Up and Get Moving!


“Sitting is the new smoking.”  While that phrase may seem hyperbolic, it taps into a new epidemic the American public is barely beginning to recognize.  Our lives have become extremely sedentary as technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our day to day life.  The following is an extremely generic outline of someone’s day:

Upon waking up, you potentially sit down to eat breakfast or read the news.  Next you drive to work, where you sit in your car.  Upon arriving at work you will sit at your desk.  Hopefully you have a lunch break, but then you will sit to eat lunch.  You will return to your desk to finish the work day.  The ride is home is next, where you are back sitting in your car.  Once home, you will sit down to hopefully eat dinner with your family.  After that you will likely “relax” by sitting and watching television, reading or catching up with your family members.  As the day ends, you will head to bed to lay down and sleep.  This cycle is repeated day in and day out, interrupted by the weekends, but is still maintained in an overall sense.

Simply put, we are too sedentary.  The application of the standing desk is a great asset to combatting the sitting epidemic, but even standing for excessive periods of time is a sedentary act.  Treadmills desks are simply impossible for nearly everybody, but the root of that idea is a simple idea: movement.  Standing desks should be encouraged, but what should be encouraged more is activity.  Every 20-30 minutes while sitting or standing at your desk should be broken up by a quick 3-5 minute walk, ideally outside for some fresh air.  One could even consider some basic stretching or completing some bodyweight movements such as push-ups or squats in this 3-5 minute window.

Exercise in all forms whether it be running, swimming, Crossfit, bodybuilding or yoga is a necessary to building the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  Yet, we need to bring more activity to our day to day lives because 1-2 hours in the gym several days per week unfortunately can only undo so much of the years of chronic sitting we have already completed.

Next time you catch yourself with bad posture at your desk or you “zone out” while staring at your computer, simply get up and talk a quick walk.  Almost all aspects of your life stand to benefit.

Get Fit for Life!