In a time of uncertainty, it is comforting to know that in which you can be certain. To know that someone has your back, you have someone to turn to, and there is someone who will help support you as you work toward your health and wellness goals, assuages some of the anxiety of the uncertain — especially during this global health crisis.

It is because of these reasons, and a number of others, that those who subscribe to Direct Primary Care (DPC) through OC Sports and Wellness have stability in their life knowing that there is unlimited access to a doctor and team of health professionals who care and who have the knowledge and passion to help patients achieve and maintain their optimal health. The benefits of being a DPC member are lengthy, and the unique and layered approach the OC Sports and Wellness team takes toward your health ensures your health is in the best hands.

The advantages of being a DPC member are multi-fold

Perhaps the greatest advantage one can have as we navigate through a time that encourages social distancing and self-isolation is that our practice offers virtual care. The ability to have live video chats with a doctor without having to come into the office is astronomically beneficial during a time where we are all encouraged to stay home. You do not need to worry about working toward your health and wellness goals or discussing your current health conditions alone. With unrestricted access to a medical team through virtual care, our DPC patients know that regardless of the current situation (and indeed the ease of virtual appointments when things return to “normal”), they have a doctor who cares about them and is working to keep them healthy and well.

Being a DPC member allows you to essentially cut out the “middleman.” Expensive insurance plans can be both cost-prohibitive as well as restrictive in the types of treatments that are available to you. The services offered through DPC are more enhanced and certainly more tailored and personalized to the individual as opposed to those available when influenced by an insurance provider. Knowing that your care is detailed, multi-faceted, and targeted toward your needs and your wellness goals means that you have access to medical care that is intended for you — and that is an awesome feeling.

With secured and timely communication that is available 7 days a week, same-day appointments and doctor visits that are extended and more comprehensive than most medical visits, our DPC members know that they are in good hands. We are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain their personal health goals, and our medical platform ensures that is possible for everyone.

Are you looking to find the medical team who will be your partner in optimizing your overall health and vitality? We are in your corner! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 949.460.9111 to see how our integrated approach to health care can benefit you!