Sandy Lozeau

Sandy Lozeau is the office manager for our practice. She moved back to Southern California in June 2015 from Las Vegas, where she was raising her children and running an internal medicine group. She has a long history of working with healthcare professionals.

She started her health journey in 2012, completely changing her lifestyle habits and living life to the fullest after initially losing 200 pounds. She is passionate about leading a vibrant, healthy life and learning from Dr. Sunshine and the OC Sports team about holistic wellness. Dr. Sunshine also helped her on her healing journey by providing important nutritional information specific to body type, which helped Sandy lose an additional 70 pounds after reaching a weight loss plateau.

She enjoys dance, running, and being outdoors, and especially loves the beautiful California ocean. She and her kids love spending time together going to amusement parks and the beach, and hosting lots of game nights! She loves being part of the OC Sports and Wellness team and is excited about helping the growth of the company to better serve our patients and community.

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