Meet Dr. Sunshine

Undergraduate Degree: Stanford University
Medical School Degree: University of Southern California School of Medicine
Family Medicine Residency: Kaiser Permanente, Fontana, CA
Sports Medicine Fellowship: Kaiser Permanente, Fontana, CA

Dr. Sunshine is a 2-time Ironman finisher and avid athlete. Dr. Sunshine enjoys caring for the injured athlete and those who care about their health. He loves sports and thrives on keeping himself and his patients on the playing field. He is board certified in Family Medicine and maintains his Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine. He supports the Functional Medicine or “root cause” approach to help patients heal.

He employs a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. He emphasizes the pillars of a healthy lifestyle and supports his patients along their journey. Dr. Sunshine personalizes each patient’s treatment plan. He integrates hormone balancing, food nutrient diversity, proper sleep, regular exercise, and mindfulness into a personalized wellness program.

He looks to serve patients who are striving for optimal health. “Health is our number one asset,” he often says. Patients who are looking for a pill to solve their problems need not apply. His current interests are treating patients with knee and hip osteoarthritis with regenerative medicine injections, DNA genomic analysis, and preventive care.