Michelle Dinsdale

Michelle Dinsdale’s passion is to uncover the factors that may prevent anyone from feeling their ultimate best.

As a qualified health coach, her mission is to inspire people to become the best possible versions of themselves, and by working with clients in either groups or one on one, she delves into the many facets of life that may lead to dysfunctional health.

When people think ‘health’, they typically think of the body, but health coaching also encompasses the seven pillars of health: Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Spirituality, Past trauma, Fun, and Environmental factors and toxins.

She enjoys allying with her clients to discover how great they feel when they eat, move, and think for their own unique body type and physiology and helps discover what their motivation is for doing so. The result is behavior change with lasting results.

Health coaches bridge the gap between doctors and the outcome by supporting the process, whether that means cheerleading or a gentle push in the right direction.

Michelle loves working with all populations but has a special soft spot for women and hormonal health.

As a keen classically trained dancer and triathlete, she knows firsthand how good food choices, self-care, and motivation go a long way in supporting a healthy body.

Michelle has also experienced two health scares where integrative medicine supported her and found the cure by digging deeper for the true cause, and is adamant that root cause medicine is ‘the organic crop of the medical produce’ ‘I believe there is a time and a place for medication and conventional medical care, but I also know that lifestyle is medicine and we hold the reigns to our health a lot tighter than we’re led to believe. We just have to empower people with the ‘how’ and support then getting there.’

Michelle also enjoys personal training clients and finds health coaching to be the melting pot of her many loves: healthcare, teaching, educating, training, and coaching.

‘Nothing feels as good as healthy feels’.