Dr. Sunshine cares. In a world where doctors seem to treat their patients as 3-minute transactions, Dr. Sunshine develops long-lasting relationships with his patients, taking the time to thoroughly understand the whole patient, their concerns, and prescribes treatment best suited for the entirety of patient. The value of this relationship and the level of trust that comes with it is immeasurable.
As an example, some time ago I was feeling quite sick and went to the local clinic to get whatever medicine would make me better. Dr. Sunshine ran some tests and provided treatment as I would have expected. A couple of days later, out of the blue, I received a call from him following up and letting me know that the tests he ran came back indicating I had contracted multiple viruses and that we should adjust the treatment. No doctor had ever done that for me. That chance session started a 25-year medical relationship, and I have been privileged to have him keeping me healthy ever since.