What You Need to Know About Health Sharing Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Health Sharing Ministries Work?

For most cases, you will present your health sharing membership card upon arrival. In essence, everyone in the ministry pays a specified amount each month. This is known as an annual personal responsibility or unshared amount. Think of it as a deductible in a traditional health insurance program.

If your medical bills go past a specific amount then the expenses are shared by the group within your ministry. Some doctors or medical providers won’t accept them and you will need to pay with cash. In this case, you will be reimbursed by the ministry.

For more specific questions and restrictions about health sharing ministries keep reading to the faqs. Here are the four most common health sharing ministries so you can learn more and see if they are a good fit for your family.

What are the differences between each of the health sharing ministries?

While none of these plans are health insurance they have similarities to major plans. Instead of paying a monthly premium (like in health insurance) you pay monthly amounts for yourself and family. Each plan also has different requirements and total covered amounts per event.

What type of restrictions are there for new participants?

Each health sharing plan has their own restrictions and qualifications. Make sure you read through them carefully to ensure you qualify and are eligible to enroll in the specific plan.

Are families allowed in health sharing plans?

Yes, all the plans mentioned above do allow families. Each plan will be different but each adult must meet all the requirements on each site. The fees are higher as the costs are dependent upon the number of people enrolled in the health sharing plan.

How does it work with the Affordable Care Act?

As members of a non-insurance health care sharing ministry, members have an exemption from the federal requirement that they must have insurance or pay a penalty-tax.

Do I still have to pay each month if I don’t have any medical expenses?

Yes, similar to not having any insurance claims you are still responsible for making your monthly payments.

What if I have pre-existing conditions?

This is different for each health sharing ministry. Some of them might not allow you to be eligible for the first year of your membership like Liberty Healthshare.

Is there a commitment to my membership?

No, from what I’ve researched there are not 6 or 12-month terms. If you miss a payment or it’s late your service will become inactive and might need to re-enroll.

Can I enroll in both traditional health insurance AND a health sharing plan?

Technically, yes, you can enroll in both but it would most likely be much more expensive. On Liberty’s site, it notes that some members enroll simply to help others and never plan on submitting bills.

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