Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Direct Primary Care Model at OC Sports and Wellness

Discover a revolutionary healthcare model at OC Sports and Wellness that prioritizes patient-centric, value-based care. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is reshaping how healthcare is delivered, putting physicians and patients in control by eliminating insurance and middlemen.

The Impetus for DPC

Born out of the urgent needs of patients trapped in a broken and expensive healthcare system, DPC addresses critical issues like access, attention, and affordability. Physicians, driven by a desire to restore the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship, have embraced DPC to provide a better healthcare experience.

Key Features of DPC

1. Accessible:
– Prompt response to phone calls and messages during office hours.
– Same-day/next-day appointments for acute and non-acute issues.
– Unlimited office visits, telemedicine, video, and text services are included in the subscription fee.
– Direct access to doctors after regular office hours for DPC patients.

2. Attentive:
– Extended appointment times, averaging 30-60 minutes, allowing thorough discussions.
– Coordination with specialists for comprehensive patient care.

3. Affordable:
– Transparent pricing discussed with patients.
– Negotiated wholesale costs for services like laboratory testing and radiology.
– Dispensation of generic medications at near wholesale prices.

4. DPC Leaves No One Behind:
– Inclusive care for individuals with pre-existing conditions.
– Complementary to various insurance plans, health sharing plans, and more.
– No racial, socioeconomic, cultural, or religious barriers.

5. Pandemic Performance:
– Seamless integration of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic at no extra cost.
– Flexibility to adapt to emergencies while maintaining high-quality care.

6. Economic Recovery:
– Positioned to assist individuals, families, employers, and employees in accessing primary care.
– Helps control costs during economic challenges, ensuring continued access to quality care.

7. HSAs For All:
– Advocacy for universal access to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for all Americans.
– Opposition to restrictive federal policies limiting HSA access based on specific health plans.

8. Exponential Growth:
– Nationwide expansion with 29 states supporting or having legislation for DPC.
– 800% growth rate since 2014, reflecting the model’s effectiveness and acceptance.

Embark on a healthcare journey with OC Sports and Wellness, embracing the transformative Direct Primary Care model. Experience unparalleled access, attention, and affordability while taking control of your health and well-being. Call us at 949-460-9111 to redefine your healthcare experience once and for all.