A Different Kind of Medical Practice

OC Sports and Wellness, situated in Foothill Ranch, Orange County, California, is a medical practice that has provided unmatched personalized primary care to patients from all over the world since 1999.

Elevating Your Expectations

At OC Sports and Wellness, our commitment lies in blending conventional and functional medicine approaches to healthcare. We collaborate with our patients to evaluate their symptoms rather than merely masking them with quick fixes. Since our clinic’s inception in 1999, we’ve served thousands of patients, consistently challenging the conventional norms of medical care. If you’ve experienced dismissal or been told your lab work is fine despite not feeling your best, it’s time for a transformative experience.

Shifting Perspectives

We recognize the difficulty in embracing change. However, if patients persist in the same routines without resolution, answers and results will remain elusive. At OC Sports and Wellness, we urge our patients, friends, and community members to view healthcare from a new perspective. Actual progress emerges when individuals break free from the limitations of a faltering traditional system, where insurance companies and generic protocols dictate what’s deemed “best” for patients.

You deserve something distinct, something superior…

OC Sports and Wellness outside view of building

Dedicated To Providing More

More Time

We know that you need more time to tell your story. We want to know about you as a person, not just a patient with symptoms. Knowing your whole story will help us determine the best course of treatment for you. On average, our patients spend 30-70 minutes with Dr. Sunshine and his team during appointments. Members can communicate with the doctor in person, through text, video-chat, or phone calls.

More Personal

Dr. Sunshine and his team will create and tailor a personal plan for your needs to resolve symptoms and restore balance. We recommend appropriate therapies, supplements, and lifestyle changes that will best help optimize your health and fitness goals.

More Options

OC Sports and Wellness offers patients an innovative approach to healthcare. We are committed to helping you achieve whole-body health. Our dedicated team is part of your journey to better health and wellness. Some of our services, features, and benefits are listed below:

Primary Care and Sports Medicine

Comprehensive Medical Care

  1. Diagnosing and Treating Sports Injuries
    • Over 30 years of experience
    • Advanced knowledge in musculoskeletal ultrasound, diagnostic x-rays, and MRI.
  2. Advanced Lab Testing
    • Immune health, autoimmunity and triggers
    • Intestinal health
    • Pathogens testing (mold and Lyme disease)
  3. Injection Therapies
    for injuries not healing as expected 

    • Exosome injections
    • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections
    • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
    • Prolotherapy injections
    • Ozone injections
  4. Hormone Replacement Therapies
    • Testosterone replacement in men
    • Hormone replacement therapy in women
    • Thyroid hormone replacement therapy
  1. Helping Patients Improve Health
    • Education – “Teach skills, not pills”
    • Body composition and grip strength testing
    • VO2 Max testing (cardiometabolic testing)
  2. Supplement Guidance
    • Hormone support
    • Immune support
    • Microbiome and gut health support in treating dysbiosis and leaky gut
    • Mitochondrial support
  3. Specific Recommendations
    • Exercise as medicine
    • Meditation as medicine
    • Nutrition as medicine
    • Sleep as medicine


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