We get a complete picture of your health — and establish a plan for long-term healing and wellness.


We are committed to helping active and health-conscious people realize their personal health goals and fitness objectives from the inside out.

OC Root Cause Care

Rather than just relieving your symptoms, we work on treating the root cause to stop those symptoms from recurring and help you start feeling like you again.

Sports Medicine

We have an entire branch dedicated to physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports, exercise, and active lifestyles.

Health and Wellness

We help solve your health concerns using a functional medicine approach

Lab Testing

We can use advanced integrative medicine lab testing that provides valuable information at the cellular level and helps guide our treatment recommendations.

Cost- Effective Personalized Medical Care

A membership with OC Sports and Wellness gets you a long-term team of medical professionals dedicated to your health — for a fixed, reasonable rate. Comfort, confidence, and exceptional health services have never been more affordable. Welcome to a less costly and more seamless approach than insurance. Enjoy even steeper savings when an annual membership is purchased upfront.

Feel like Yourself Again -- Take the First Step to
Better Health and Wellness

We provide the medical care, support, and motivation that leads to lasting health. Learn about becoming a
member by connecting with our Patient Coordinator today.

What Is Root
Cause Medicine?

Root cause medicine means we target the drivers of the disease and not just the symptoms. We dedicate time to understanding your genetics, history, lifestyle, and goals. Combined with advanced diagnostic testing other doctors don’t run, you get in-depth information about your health and body.

We apply the best conventional medicine combined with lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements to address the true causes of your pain, discomfort, or problem. We eliminate band-aid medications and quick fixes, reverse your path from illness toward wellness, and make your future years the healthiest of your life.


OC Sports and

Orange County Sports and Wellness clinic has medical professionals dedicated to delivering results. Enjoy easy access to board-certified family medicine and sports medicine physicians with extensive training in functional medicine. With us, your health has a home base and a team that helps combine your results and data to track your journey to health and wellness.

We get to know you so we can help you achieve optimal health, whether through sports medicine, direct primary care, nutrition, or other lifestyle improvements. We are here to assist you on your unique journey to health, wellness, and vitality.

Boost your body's ability to heal and strengthen

Plus, the five pillars of exceptional long term health

Sam Sunshine, MD

How to boost your health levels for top level fitness

Discover how to boost resilience, reduce anxiety and unlock peak potential in all areas of your life

Sam Sunshine, MD




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