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OC Sports & Wellness was founded on revolutionizing the treatment of sports medicine and cutting edge fitness. We still prioritize that idea today.

Our Unique Approach to Optimizing Your Overall Health

OC Sports & Wellness staff uses decades of experienced healthcare to provide unique and effective forms of care to our patients. 

Our Philosophy On Functional Medicine

The concept of “functional medicine” is prioritized at OC Sports & Wellness. Learn how, and why, we feel it is so important.

Samuel Sunshine, M.D

Dr. Sunshine is a Bay Area native and attended college at Stanford University. He is a graduate of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California and completed his residency in Family Medicine and fellowship in Sport Medicine at Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center. Since graduating in 1999, Dr. Sunshine has been practicing both Family Medicine and Sports Medicine and is board certified in both specialties.

What Is Root Cause Medicine?

Root cause medicine is a method of treatment that seeks to identify and resolve the cause (the root) of symptoms (the branches). Chronic inflammatory conditions usually have a lifestyle & nutrition component as well as overlooked causes that agitate the immune system, hormones, and nervous system. These inflammatory triggers (like chronic infections, stress, and digestive dysfunction, to name a few) are different for each person. That’s why we use a careful history, physical exam, and advanced lab testing to eliminate blindspots and create personalized plans for YOUR root cause(s).

This is the system you need to eliminate band-aid medications and quick fixes, reverse your path from illness to health, and make your future years the healthiest of your life.


I’m currently 42 years old and have spent my life as an athlete in constant motion. I played competitive soccer through the age of 34, have skied the most extreme courses my entire life, love playing basketball, bike constantly, and now try to keep up with my twin boys. As a veteran of five knee surgeries (Two ACLs, three cleanups), I noticed in my 37th year, my left knee was beginning to feel old well beyond my age. I would pound the ibuprofen pre-ski, pre-bball..pre everything. And the post workout soreness was a week long recovery. After reading about PRP ...

-Andy Scaer

Dr. Sunshine takes interest in not only my overall health, but in my health goals as well. After years of yo-yo diets after having children, Dr. Sunshine encouraged a lifestyle change that incorporated proper nutrition and exercise. And the results have been amazing from the inside out. My cholesterol is at its lowest level ever, I have dropped close to 40 pounds (on average 2 pounds per week), 5 points in body fat, lots of inches and 4 clothing sizes…and I feel fabulous. The changes he encouraged me to make are easy ones to incorporate in my day to day ...

-Lisa P.

I agreed to join family for a 1/2 marathon in Yellowstone. On Saturday morning, months after my treatment, I took the first place medal for my age division, beating 37 other runners in a field of 2000. Once again, I wake up in the morning looking forward to my runs. My wife says I walk around the house with a grin on my face. I owe it all to the diligence of Dr. Sunshine.

-Chris Voigt

Down to earth sports doctor who even ran some of the course with me in my last Half Ironman! He walks the talk by remaining an active athlete in the community himself. Highly recommend him and his practice.

-Stewart D.

Dr Sunshine has been my primary care and sports doctor for 7 years now and has overseen my transition from runner to triathlete by encouraging me to learn to swim following a running overuse injury. He is a triathlete himself and understands fully the mentality of of other athletes! He always finds conservative measures to help me with injuries and has tended to all aspects of my healthcare with the same care and compassion. He is kind, approachable and friendly, and has a great sense of humor. You never feel as though you’re another number passing through his rooms. He ...

-Michelle D.

Dr. Sunshine and OCSW have helped me in numerous ways to improve my fitness and health. The doctor recommended some tests to uncover reasons that I had less than optimal energy and worked with me to begin, and later make adjustments to, an individualized treatment plan. Then, with guidance from Dr. Sunshine as well as OCSW experts in nutrition and exercise physiology, I set attainable goals for exercise and nutrition that have allowed me to safely reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass and aerobic capacity. It’s been decades since I’ve felt so fit and healthy, thanks in large measure ...


I simply needed a pre-employment drug screening test. I was able to go there fully (uhum…) hydrated and there was virtually no wait. They get people in and out quickly and run a very efficient office. What a GREAT experience!


I’ve been going here for years. Dr Sunshine is great. It is so difficult to find a good doctor that understands my active lifestyle, or as he’d say “extreme lifestyle.” He’d expect me to come in every so often from doing something crazy. This place focuses on helping people by healthy living through exercise which I love. Cherrise was a female doctor who used to work there and I loved her as well. She recommended a lot of everyday products that I still live by. They also take walk-in appointments so you basically get the help you need at any ...

-Lilie N.

I’m a runner (trying) to transition to triathlon and have encountered a few injuries along the way. Dr Sunshine has successfully treated me with prolotherapy which has healed my plantar fascitiis and a nagging si joint. He has a very conservative approach to treatment, is a triathlete himself and really understands the ‘I must move whatever it takes… ‘mentality!’ I’ve seen him for other aspects of healthcare too and he shows the same care, thought to treatment and spends time with you so you don’t walk out feeling like you’re just another ‘case’. His staff, especially Scott, are very efficient, ...

-Michelle D.

I workout everyday. When I don’t I get depressed. I hurt my shoulder and couldn’t get the darn thing to heal. I was unable to complete my workouts without shooting pain in the joint. I heard about Dr. Sunshine through a friend who said, “You got to go see this doctor.” I must say Dr. Sunshine is the real deal. The guy is an IRON MAN Triathlete, take a look at the pictures in the hallways, and understands sports injuries like no doctor I have ever gone to. My wife is a runner and hurt her hip. Went to Dr. ...

-Alex E.

I’m a 57 year old who has been running about 40 miles a week for 20 years. A few years ago, when I went for my morning run, my quadriceps felt fatigued, as if I had just finished a marathon. This feeling was only present when I was trying to run. I saw several doctors who tested all sorts of things, with loads of blood tests, neurological tests, X-Ray, MRI etc. They found nothing. My morning run, which I used to relish, became a chore. After two long years of running with fatigued quadriceps I was ready to quit.


Dr Sunshine – (yes that’s his real name) is great. He is very knowledgeable and courteous and great at explaining things in a simple, easy to understand way.

-Ron P.

I have been going to Dr. Sunshine for the past 3 years now. Dr. Sunshine and his office is wonderful! The staff are friendly and helpful and Dr. Sunshine is great. He takes the time to answer all my questions and always has some really good suggestions for my issues. His staff was also very helpful by calling my insurance to see if a certain procedure was covered. I just had my yearly physical and I got a personal call to explain my blood work within 2 days. I highly recommend Dr. Sunshine and his office.

-Kodiak J.

Dr Sunshine always takes the time to explain things thoroughly. I don’t feel like he has one foot out the door, which I almost always feel with other doctors I have seen over the years. I love that there is a sports trainer/physical therapist that is on staff and have seen him for many sports related injuries. Highly recommended!

-Laura F.

Have had great results and excellent care at OC Sports and Wellness. Dr. Sunshine is now our family doctor and takes care of the needs of our family of 5. He is awesome. We appreciate being able to attend Physical Therapy on site if necessary with Jason. Dr. Sunshine’s assistant Scott is fantastic. Also, I have had unbelievably great results with Erin Piccola who is on site for acupuncture. A few weeks ago, I went to Erin for pain in my lower back, legs and feet. I thought it was a running/hiking injury. In one session, my pain was completely ...

-Lisa G.

When I visited Dr. Sunshine, he listened carefully to the tests I had undergone and asked lots of questions, eventually he suggested a micro-nutrient test. The test found several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. After three months of taking specific supplements to replete the deficiencies, the fatigue in my quadriceps disappeared. I started feeling better and running, really running, and improving my performance in ways I had not seen for years.


I highly recommend Dr Sunshine as a Primary Care Doctor who truly cares about keeping his patients WELL and is not focused only on Sports Medicine issues and athletes. A close friend referred me to Dr Sunshine when he was also working in Aliso Viejo 8 years ago at my local South Coast Medical Group & Urgent Care. He has treated me multiple times over the 8 years and even though he works exclusively in Foothill Ranch now, I drive from Aliso Viejo to Foothill Ranch for office visits, physicals, well woman exams, and urgent care. I especially like the ...

-Lori C.

I am a coach and when my athletes ask who I recommend they go to – I send them to Dr. Sunshine. My husband goes to Dr. Sunshine. I go to Dr. Sunshine. My friends go to Dr. Sunshine. We are all athletes and he gets that we want to stay moving. He understands that the knife isn’t the first option, and the physical therapy guys are the best as well. Dr. Colombo is great as well! Add that if I have to, I can walk in. I’ve also used the Comfort Laser side of the business and had great ...

-Kathie D.

I’ve gone to many physicians over the years…but they all push medicine down my throat and I don’t always want to take medicine. Dr. Sunshine gets this and supports this! Being somewhat in the industry myself, physicians tend to speak to me not as though I was a patient but as though I ‘just know’ what they mean. Dr. Sunshine treats me and speaks with me as a patient and thoroughly explains things. Love Dr. Columbo too! This place is wonderful and the Saturday hours help with busy schedules. During a recent sickness, we received a call at 8pm on ...


Super knowledgeable sports physician looks for solutions through strengthening and physical therapy. I know when I come to him for help I get an answer from someone who understands how IMPORTANT running is to me. I drive 20 miles out of my way to see Dr. Sunshine!!!

-Cheri O.

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