Healing from chronic illness and maintaining health properly requires holistic care that treats all aspects of the person, from nutrition and organ health, to environment, mindset, and more. At OC Sports and Wellness, we help our patients using the principles of integrative medicine to achieve the best possible health outcomes through in-depth health assessments, testing, and lifestyle changes.

The concept of “integrative medicine” springs from the idea that medical care is an act of integration, not separation. Instead of medicating different symptoms in different parts of the body, integrative medicine seeks to treat the root causes of issues or imbalances so your whole body can heal properly and naturally.

The principles that characterize integrative medicine care are as follows:

  • Integrative medicine practitioners prioritize quality over quantity, always thinking of the larger holistic picture for their patients. They do a much deeper assessment compared to traditional medical doctors who spend, on average, seven minutes per patient. More emphasis is placed on proper intake, and ordering advanced lab testing (when needed), while teaching patients how to heal their bodies with food, exercise, and other therapies that can be used for a lifetime of health.
  • Assessment and prevention are prioritized over wait-and-see treatment approaches.
  • A priority is placed on utilizing the most modern and advanced testing, medical equipment, and up-to-date medical science available, as new advances in nutrition and science can help patients fast-track their healing.
  • Patients are taught to take an active role in their own health and are armed with information and guidance so they can start improving how they feel even after the first consultation.

Utilizing the integrative medicine approach can allow patients who have been searching for solutions to chronic issues for years to finally have hope.

Instead of relying on being prescribed medications again and again for temporary relief, Dr. Sunshine and his team at OC Sports and Wellness diagnose problems holistically in order to help patients break through energy and training plateaus, so they can feel their fittest and enjoy a lifestyle of vibrant health.

Since the founding of his practice, Dr. Sunshine and his team have helped patients regain their energy and help people break through their challenges and fitness plateaus to reach more optimal health.

Whether OC Sports and Wellness is the first clinic you are visiting for treatment, or simply the latest one, we’ll make sure we do everything in our power to help you optimize your fitness levels and improve your stamina.

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