Functional Nutrition emphasizes the importance of high quality foods with phytonutrient diversity, meaning plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Proper nutrition can address clinical imbalances and activate the body’s innate healing potential.

We’ve all heard “eat more vegetables,” but when it comes to integrated and functional medicine, applying very specific diet recommendations, teaching people advanced nutrition, and incorporating powerful herbal remedies can seriously boost the healing process and set you up for a lifetime of health.

Most people feel their diet is relatively healthy by placing a cup of vegetables on their plate. In reality, they are unaware of how the other foods they are eating in large quantities – like gluten, dairy, high carbohydrate items, and packaged foods – are harming them and creating consistently elevated inflammation. Sadly, new cutting-edge nutritional advances rarely make the news. In fact, old health myths are still being circulated, and conventional medicine does not keep abreast of emerging nutritional science.

Our advanced nutrition assessment, at the core of functional medicine, includes looking far deeper into the nutritional needs of the individual by running specialized testing that goes well beyond just your standard blood panel to treat the unique biological make-up of the patient and address their specific illnesses. Once testing results are reviewed, our team can create a highly personalized therapeutic eating and supplement plan to correct deficiencies that are most likely limiting your fitness levels and causing joint pain or energy drain. We can help you to promote optimal health by adapting new lifestyle changes.