COVID-19 Antibody Testing. We have it available for you, but you might be wondering: What IS it?

Learn more, and then call us for an appointment to get tested if you think it’s a good choice for you!

When your body fights an infection, it creates antibodies — that’s how you build immunity to a virus. An antibody test doesn’t test for the virus itself, but it’s used to check whether your immune system has responded to the infection. People who have been exposed to SARS-Cov2 start producing antibodies 11-12 days after their symptoms begin, and once you develop antibodies, you’re guarded against reinfection and can no longer infect other people, making it possible for you to get back to “normal” life. Antibodies tests can play a critical role in our fight against COVID-19, helping us identify those who have been exposed to the virus and developed an immune response.

Read on for more information regarding COVID-19 antibody testing:

  • Returning our society to normalcy will require widespread antibody testing
  • Antibody testing (also know as serologic testing) detects immunoglobulins specific for SARS-Cov2
  • Antibody testing will provide estimates of population exposure to the SARS-Cov2 virus
  • Because a significant number of people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, the percentage of the US population that has been infected remains unknown
  • The benefits of herd immunity will occur when 50%-66% of the population has been infected
  • Knowing the percentage of the population infected will help guide policy
  • We have rapid finger-stick antibody testing available.  These tests are specific for COVID-19 and provide a simple “positive” or “negative” result.
  • A negative test result for antibodies means that the person has not been exposed to the virus
  • A positive test result for antibodies means past infection and guards against reinfection
  • A positive test result is like a “get-out-of-quarantine” card
  • Prior exposure provides protection
  • If you are immune to SARS-Cov2 you cannot infect another person with SARS-Cov2
  • The length of time you are immune (a positive antibody test) is unknown
  • People infected with SARS-Cov2 begin producing antibodies 11-12 days after their symptoms begin
  • Antibody testing is not used to diagnose active disease
  • Widespread antibody testing is critical to the reopening of society
  • Fortunately, SARS-Cov2 does not appear to mutate quickly
  • Unfortunately, SARS-Co2 is not yet widespread among the general US population. We are just at the beginning of the epidemic

If you think you might have come into contact with the coronavirus, or if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and have fully recovered, now is the time to get tested for antibodies. A positive test result means you have developed some immunity to the virus, and are less likely to spread the infection or get reinfected — which is basically a  “get-out-of-quarantine” card. Give us a call today at (949) 460-9111 to schedule your test!

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