As Medicare beneficiaries assess their insurance plans and coverage, it’s advisable to broaden your research on healthcare options. Some alternatives may be more cost-effective and convenient, making it an opportune time to explore them. Certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, Dr. Sunshine operates OC Sports and Wellness, offering Direct Primary Care Medicine (DPC).

Direct Primary Care, or Concierge Medicine, involves a direct doctor-patient relationship without insurance as the intermediary. Complaints like difficulty getting appointments, infrequent doctor visits, insurance coverage issues, co-pay expenses, and the inconvenience of office visits are common. If you identify with these concerns, transitioning to a DPC physician could be a suitable choice, and it may not be as costly as you think. A flat monthly fee is paid in the DPC model as an out-of-pocket expense, covering nearly unlimited care with same-day appointments and in-person, phone, or text consultation options. While it doesn’t cover specialists or hospitalizations, DPC physicians assist with referrals and care coordination. Dr. Sunshine transformed his practice to the DPC model, which has allowed more time for personalized care, addressing root causes, and developing long-term health plans collaboratively with patients.


Pros of the DPC model:

  • More time with your physician. DPC physicians can spend more time with their patients. Visits are often 30 to 60 minutes in length.
  • No wait times. DPC practices have fewer patients, so your doctor is available when needed. It’s time efficient for patients. A waiting room becomes unnecessary.
  • Direct communication. Simple concerns can be handled by email, text, or phone call. Physicians who work with insurance can only bill if they see you in the office, which requires a visit even for routine tasks.
  • Comprehensive care. Your doctor manages all your care and is a translator when seeing specialists. This is critical if you are taking medications and advice from various specialists.
  • Focus on preventative care. Your doctor has the time to work with you to define your health goals. There is a more significant focus on preventive care, which improves long-term outcomes. A 2018 American Journal of Managed Care study showed improved health outcomes for patients who received this high-touch model of care (DPC).


Cons of the DPC model:

  • Costs: This care level may be more expensive. Analyze your total costs, as many people have saved money by increasing their health insurance deductibles and funding their DPC fees.

We hope this information is helpful. At OC Sports and Wellness, we understand the importance of balancing your health amidst a busy lifestyle. We offer convenient options of scheduling visits, texting, or video chatting with your doctor. Let’s talk and work towards your well-being! We invite you to reach out: 949-460-9111